Erica-Lugo-Gym-TrainWell the time has come! I am now opening the doors for you awesome ladies to work with me. To this day, it still blows my mind that any of you would want me to coach you and help you find your way to becoming a healthier you.

I know when I started losing weight I had no one. Sure, there were lots of women around me who wanted to live healthier, but actually DOING it is something different. No one likes to share the REAL ups and down of losing weight. I mean, come on. I get it. Talking about the cupcake we CAN’T eat for an hour is always fun now and then but let’s get real.

Losing weight is tough. Not only do we wonder “can I eat this?” or “should I up my cardio?” but we change as people and our priorities and lives change along the line as well.

I’m just like you. I’m a full time working mother, who still takes classes online, takes care of a toddler and a household and I still have to find the time for myself to become healthier. It’s not impossible, it’s not easy but let me be honest…IT’S FUN! If you learn to let go of the mindset that losing weight and living healthier is a chore and starting having fun with it, you’ll be at your goal before you know it!

I am not going to be like the average personal trainer or weight loss coach. I will not sell you supplements, I will not tell you to use shakes every day and invest in something that you may not use long term. I want you to realize you can get to your goals within your budget, your lifestyle and your timeframe.

I am going to be a unique coach. Sure, I will help you plan meals that work for you, and help you set up an exercise routine, but I want to help you make this is a lifestyle change! Do you need to vent to someone about the struggles at the birthday party at work? Are you binge eating and don’t know how to stop? Do you need help learning to cope with the negative naysayers who aren’t on board with your weight loss? I want to be that ‘coach’ to prove to you that YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

So what do I get with Erica on my side?

  • Month to month coaching. I don’t want you to invest hundreds of dollars on something you don’t know will work or you may not like so I am making this a month to month program. 

  • Includes email support (all emails will be answered within 24 hours. I want you to email me when you’re feeling stuck. Do you have a birthday party and need help with ideas? Do you need help getting over the plateau or do you just feel like giving up? Talk to me, girl! )

  • Basic food plans and exercise plans (Your first week we will communicate about your current eating habits and exercise routine. I think it’s important to know what you’re currently doing and how we can make small changes overtime to make this a lifelong change. Same with exercise. I would never want to put something on you that you can’t maintain!)

Each client I will maintain a client file. I need you to be honest about your start weight and provide start pictures! I want to show not only yourself, but others (with your permission) that you can lose weight, be healthier and not have to eat clean 24/7 or live in the gym.

Please fill out the form below for more information:

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